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WiFi Password Decryptor 13.0

Image WiFi Password Decryptor 13.0
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    Windows 8

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    January 30, 2022

  • "Helps you remember Wi-Fi passwords"

It is appreciated that the operating system is responsible for storing the passwords associated with wireless networks, but this can lead to you end up forgetting them. WiFi Password Decryptor comes to your help if you can't remember the security term linked to a particular Wi-Fi network.

Regardless of the type of algorithm used to choose the key, the program acts by decrypting it in a short time and then saving it in a document whose format is selectable by you. The content can directly house the security term itself or the HEX set.

WiFi Password Decryptor places each decrypted key next to the corresponding SSID so you know which network it belongs to.